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We make decisions, we always make choices, in fact, our lives are full of choices.We know when we are in pain, w hen we are happy when we are sad because they are all feelings.It is part of our attribute as humans to have feelings.Have you ever asked yourself if Love is a choice or a feeling? 98% of people say Love is a feeling.Now let’s compare the two.

Firstly, feeling is an emotion and we all know we are in total control of our emotions so if you think Love is a feeling then you want to tell me that you can stop Loving anytime you want and start Loving anyone you want.? Let us also remember that  the word LUST exists ,Lust is a feeling because you can Lust for a lady you see or a man you see but within a short time you realize you made a mistake and that’s how breakup and divorce happens, you go into a relationship with the FEELING OF LOVE.

That’s the biggest mistake you will or will not want to make in your life.Have you ever thought of why God still Loves us and He still gives us a chance to repent? It’s because he chose to Love us.Have you ever heard of the quote”Choose your love, .love your choice?When you choose to study Science in school and you get to a point where you want to back out and you realize you chose Science nobody forced you to then you decide to sit up and study for your own good.

It’s the same way when you choose to Love someone, it’s the choice that the feeling comes in.Without the Choice, the feeling is Lust.

It’s all about choosing that person you want to spend the rest of your life with the feelings will follow.

By; Rita Nettey/Guest Writer

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  1. I think love is an in built thing.A lot of things goes into loving a person.

  2. I agree 100% with you miss. Rita…if you choose to love someone,there's nothing about that person or nothing that the person do will make you loose love….but if it's a feeling then its lust and it can end the moment you get what want…

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