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The internet is a big and nice place, but holds a lot of temptations and dangers for all people. No matter how you try to fight others from the addictions, the internet gives more site and advertisement about pornography.

If you struggle with sexual behaviours, such as porn addiction, follow the basic steps to help you fight the addition.
1.Clean up your computer. Delete all pornography saved onto the computer itself. Clear your browser history to help computer forget about visiting those pages. Check all your storages to know if your computer is finally free.
2. Set up an internet censor. You can block all but a few sites, only sites that are marked for adults, or you can just block certain sites. Choose a method that is right for your needs. You can use StayFocused add-on for chrome browser.
3. Avoid Video sites. Be careful about going to any video sites. Many videos sites contain hardcore contents that can get you addicted to them. Stay away. If you want to watch a video, watch that one and then leave. Don’t browse around.
4. Replace the bad habit with a good one. Outdoor activities and sunshine will reduce porn cravings. Take up good hobbies and sports like gardening, golf, running, swimming, walking, basketball, bicycling, chores, etc.
5. Take up counselling programs. Religious leaders or counsellors can help you reflect on their belief system and talk to others who share their beliefs, including parents.

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