How to Get Your Crush to fall in love with you

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1.     Are you in love with someone?
Are you scared to approach the person?
Learn how to win her in just 4 simple ways.
There are no guarantees in love, but these clues should help you win her heart
1. Give her reason to fall for you.  This might sound very easy to some people because they believe they are rich and can show off. You might be right in a way depending on the girl you might meet. Some might copy from others but will suffer to execute it. First of all be yourself, don’t copy always.
·         Eat healthy and exercise regularly
·         Try to excel in what you can do best.
·         Show her your funny side.
2. Get to know some love language. This type is not about sweet talks during chats. This deal with understanding the messages the body gives when attracted to someone. The body speaks a lot when you are able to observe well. Messages the body language can display include (I’m available, I’m interested etc)
3. Be a Gentleman. Research has show that not all woman like gentle guys. In Ghana some girls consider some gentle guys as JON. You will be so unlucky if you should fall in love with such a girl. Some girls like stubborn boys because they are aggressive and adventurous .But in most cases been gentle can win her heart.
4. Compliment her. Complimenting someone is seen to be a very good start to create a relationship or connection. Say sweet things to her. Steady her, compliment on almost everything she does. You could say “Your teeth shines like the sun. Do your parents also have bright teeth?

Personal advice (Try not to get into arguments about unnecessary things)

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