Meet the Couple with over 97.5% of their Bodies Covered in Tattoos

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Meet Chuck and Charlotte the Couple with over 97.5% of their bodies covered in tattoos.

Chuck and Charlotte hold the Guinness World Records title for Most tattooed senior citizens with over 97% of their bodies covered in tattoos, living a life in Florida, USA.

Chuck and Charlotte met at a tattoo shop and got together since 2006.Both of them spent 2000 hours on tattoo seats for tattoos.

According to the couple, they get a lot of people commenting on the tattoo but are not disturbed by what people say.The tattoos have a meaning to them so they don’t consider what people will say behind them.They have contested for tattoo competitions and since then they are motivated to tell their story with their tattoos.We are even surprised when people are amazed at how many tattoos we have because we don’t even pay attention to it.

It’s a small part of our lives and doesn’t describe the kind of people we are.

The tattoos have given the ability to show people that you can be different, express yourself and it doesn’t matter how you do it.

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  1. Patrick says:

    They’ve been together for bout 12 years now. It’s a blessing & a beautiful thang 🗣💜💯🌤🙏🏾

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