8 Tips To Build a Strong Personal Brand.

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Mr Meister, manager for Mr Eazi outlined the major steps to follow in other to build a strong personal brand.

According to Mr Meister people always ask him questions concerning how to build a strong personal brand. He said,“ How do I brand myself? I want to build a strong personal brand”. A photo shoot is not the answer lol.

He outlined these 8 tips to help people build a personal strong brand.

People like Diddy, Oprah etc are not just people with money and fame. At this level they are “Businesses”. You don’t have to be in showbiz or super famous to build an equitable personal brand. You too can be idolized or attract value for just being YOU!

  • · First step is to DEFINE YOUR IDENTITY and stand by it. People can’o describe you if they don’t know who you are and what you stand for. It’s what sets you apart from everybody. When you choose what you want people to identify you with, don’t ever change it even if ure trolled.
  • ·Next step is to be CONFIDENT at all times. Confidence drives admiration from people. Even if ure the shy type, master the art of being bold and interactive when u have to. Not always do you hear a song being made about a shy person. You are not Ngolo Kante. Be CONFIDENT!!!
  • ·Try to STAND OUT! Just like a product, find a differentiator to make you unique from everyone. When others go right, Go left. Doesn’t mean always do the opposite of everyone, but try not to ALWAYS follow the crowd. U will easily be recognizable when you take a different approach.
  • · At this point you have drawn attention to yourself and there is focus on you. Your next step is your APPEARANCE! You don’t have to be a fashionista to score points here. Just make sure you look good, exude some swag, and have YOUR style. Dress how you want to be addressed.
  • · You can’t look good and have a stinky attitude. Your PERSONALITY is the next step. The best approach to building a great personality is being positive. Always aim at positivity and it will reflect in your temperaments and demeanor. How people perceive you is your Brand Personality.
  • · Now still managing yourself as a product, build a unique selling proposition for yourself. Make sure wherever people get in contact with you, whether online or offline, you should leave an impression. They should miss you or notice your absence. ALWAYS TRY TO LEAVE AN IMPRESSION.
  • · Next step is SELF EVALUATION! Constantly crave for feedback. Even if people criticize or troll you, take it as feedback. U can’t be perfect,but u can try to attain perfection. U think Beyoncé’s team don’t search for her name in social media comments to improve her brand?

Mr Meister‏ @mistameister

Lastly, you need to BLOW YOUR OWN HORN! Yeah, be your own hype man. Do you think if Dj Khaled waited for someone to mention his name 5 times in a song and scream “We the best” like he will be this recognized? You need to subtly share your achievements. Don’t brag. Just share.


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